Sea Holly

I have tried and tried to grow sea holly in my garden. Three times I have planted it, watered it, inspected it, then lost it. I don’t know why. Maybe I keep picking the wrong spot, maybe the killer slugs get to it, maybe it just doesn’t like my soil. When I spotted this healthy, happy, bee covered specimen in someone else’s garden, I was pretty jealous. To quote George Michael, “maybe just one more try…”

sea holly flowers and bee

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  1. It’s a pretty flower – so lush in its deep, purplish-blue hue. My attention is also drawn to the spiky leaves at the base of the flower; I can see why it fascinates you and keeps you hopeful to having it successfully grow in your garden. As you say, try again and coax it…and believe. :).

  2. Thanks. I think I will try it again in a pot where I can keep a close eye on it. Yes, the flowers are such a lovely colour and so structural, fingers crossed!

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