Perennial Peony Pics

At about this time every year I take pretty much exactly the same pictures of peonies. They are so dependable and beautiful, and really look at their best in a close up.

I have two kinds in my garden: a single headed, almost acid pink variety located in a super sunny spot which flowers first, then the more classic, double headed, pale pink variety. Both of them signal the arrival of real summer and this year they were spot on, with temperatures already pushing 30C.

Unfortunately these kinds of temperatures also bring storms in their wake and we had a brutal one yesterday. I was so relieved that we were spared hail, which would certainly have finished off these delicate blooms way too early. They are here for such a fleeting visit, photographing them is the only way to hold onto their gorgeousness for  a little bit longer. So that’s what I do, regular as clockwork, every year.

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