Spring Contrasts

We spent Easter in the Bregenzerwald, over in the far west of Austria. Spring was well advanced as Easter was so late this year and the weather had been mild. However there was still  plenty of snow at the local resort and we managed to squeeze in some spring skiing.

Ski resorts in spring are full of seasonal contrasts. The piste preparation meant that there was plenty of snow to ski on, but on the lower slopes the runs were flanked by lush green meadow. On pretty much the last skiable day there were even alpine crocuses popping up under the chairlift. Quite a different world from a mid-winter white out.

I am way too protective of my camera to ever risk skiing with it, so one morning, after it had snowed overnight, I sacrificed a couple of hours of skiing in fresh snow in order to take these pics. Well, it was the end of the of the season.



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  1. Late season skiing brings its own magic entirely. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice some time on the slopes for photos though, and I think you made the right choice 🙂

  2. Thanks! As I walked down in the valley, the mix of green and snow was so stunning, I was glad to have opted for that! The low level snow was gone two hours later. I was helped by the fact that my daughter was also feeling ski lazy!

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