Spring – ish

We had an unusually mild winter in Vienna this year, and spring came around much earlier than I dared possible. Believe me I am not complaining, it meant that I was out and into my garden with almost indecent haste.

Being spoiled in this way has made be a little blasé about this years’ spring flowers. Usually I am pathetically grateful for any splash of colour signifying that the long, grey winter may be drawing to a welcome end. Not this year.

Don’t get me wrong, I was as delighted as always to meet and greet those harbingers of hopefulness, the snowdrops, primulas, crocuses and forsythia, it’s just that the love was not as intense as usual.

The flowers which have been rocking my gardeners’ world this year have been a bit less obvious: viburnum, fritillaries, bleeding heart and the teeny, tiny blossom on my maple tree. The colour palate has been emphatically purple-ish, not as primary as usual.

I feel nervous writing this, as if I may be tempting fate and that winter might just sneak back and wreak its revenge on my complacency.  If we have a rough one this year I may be writing a long paean to the delights of tulips and daffodils in April next year. But for the moment, let’s enjoy a slightly cocky spring.

M13A3315 M13A3352 M13A3353


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