Bregenzerwald Spring

May is a fantastic month is Austria, every week brings yet another public holiday. Last Thursday was Ascension, a holiday, and happily the schools had Friday free as well.

We took the opportunity to make a  trip to the beautiful Bregenzerwald. When we were there at Easter everything was still under a deep blanket of snow. Spring had now more or less sprung and all of the deciduous trees were shooting out their violently green new leaves.

It is this combination of densely packed evergreen and deciduous trees that makes the Bregenzerwald so stunning.  This is then finished off with carpets of lush hayfields, brimming with wildflowers.

On Sunday it snowed a little on the tops of the mountains and the fresh snow up against spring greens was breathtaking.

Next week there is another holiday, Whitsun. I will be spending it tending to my garden.



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  1. May is certainly a favorite of mine. It’s so lush and vibrant after winter. My eyes can hardly reconcile all the green with their recent exposure to a monochromatic landscape!

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