Blue Sky

Vienna is a beautiful city and most of the time I cannot believe my luck that I live somewhere so aesthetically pleasing.

There is, of course, a “but” waiting in the wings. That “but” is Vienna in the winter.

In the run up to Christmas, the city is stunning. Beautiful, elegant chandeliers grace the main shopping streets and the smell of Christmas trees and “punsch” would make even the most grumpy feel festive (and boy can they do grumpy here).

Where is all gets a bit grim is from about now until the end of February. It snows quite a lot, which is beautiful and exciting at first, but then just gets annoying as parking becomes impossible and great melting mountains of the stuff pile up.

Then there is the “Hochnebel” a grey high fog that blankets the city a lot of the time in the winter. The effect of white snow and grey skies gets me down and by the beginning of March I am craving spring, light and colour.

So on the rare occasions when the grey parts and blue appears I am ridiculously happy. This happened when I was out and about on Tuesday, a brief glimpse of what lies in store and a reminder of how pretty my adopted city can be.



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  1. Thank you, that is really kind! Thanks for dropping in on my wee blog. I had a look at yours and I love the exploring your own backyard thing. I am off to try that shortbread recipe, looks good!

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