This beautiful green woodpecker was considerate enough to perch on the tree outside my kitchen window. Not only that, he did so on a morning when our photography group was meeting in my kitchen, so I had my camera conveniently to hand. What a star.

These bigger woodpeckers are quite shy, so had I been outdoors he would probably have flown off.

His smaller red tailed cousin is not at all shy. In fact he is so comfortable with humans he has made a saucer sized hole in the insulation of our wall, in order to create a little nest for himself. Very sneakily this was done when we were away for half term, as you do kind of notice the noise when a woodpecker is drilling out your wall.

Despite my bird loving tendencies, he is not getting to stay. My hospitality does not extend to damp getting in behind our insulation. He looked down imperiously at the builders who arrived to evict him this morning. Hopefully he will now try his luck on the nut tree outside the kitchen window. I would feel less guilty if I could see him settled into a new home.

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