Winter Sneaks In

I am head over heels in love with the west of Austria in general and the Bregenzerwald in particular. The kids had school holidays this week, so we took the train trip west again. I hate being cooped up in a car, as I get car sick and can’t read. The train is a more civilised way to travel; I simply plug the kids in to various electronic devices, feed them frankfurters and cola, brought to our seat by an erratic but friendly waiter, then I sit back with a beer in my hand and watch most of the country pass by.

Winter arrived in the Bregenzerwald a couple of hours after us. The same hills which had been carpeted in alpine flowers in the summer were coated with perfect, powdery flakes. The remains of these plants were transformed into ice and snow sculptures.  It was foggy, with poor light and visibility, but colourful ski clothes helped to add some contrast.

We are back in Vienna, but I am longing to head west again soon, and get my skis on. Now I need to find a good rucksack for my camera. Any helpful tips?


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