Clinging On

Summer is still clinging on. The past few weeks have been mostly sunny and beautiful. This has led to a weird dissonance between the weather (sunny) and the state of my garden (emphatically autumnal).

It is still warm enough to sit out during the day and I wish that I had organised my planting a little better, so that I could enjoy more colour at this tail end of the season.

Everything raced through the stages so quickly this year. Now it all looks a little exhausted and quite frankly ready for winter and a bit of a rest. The leaves on the climbers and trees are slowly shifting to the classic autumn palette, but until they reach their zenith I am only left with the forest anemones, lavender, dahlias and some busy lizzies to keep me going.

The weather forecast is not looking good, so I imagine that my garden and the climate will get back into step soon. In the meantime here are a few pictures of the last blasts of what has been a glorious summer.

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