Viennese Water

Yesterday our photography group reconvened for the first time since the summer. It was great to go out with the girls and boy to do some purposeful picture taking for the first time in ages.

Our theme was water. As a Scot I am used to being surrounded by the stuff, whether in the sea, in the rivers, or as often as not, falling from the sky. Not so in downtown Vienna. Despite being built on “The Blue Danube,” in the city centre there is not that much water around, especially after a long, warm, dry summer.

We did our best, keeping it real in the river bed of the Wienfluss (very smelly, how we suffer for our art) and making what we could of an unusually dull and overcast day (it is, of course, glorious again today).

I am posting some of the digital end product. In reality the more important end product is the experience of learning, laughing and holding your nose in good company.

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