Happy New Year

It is not January, but September that always feels like the New Year for me.

There is no fresh beginning in the middle of Winter. Nothing about us really changes over the Festive Season (apart from our waistlines and the state of our livers). In September, everything is up for grabs.

I think I have  begun to feel this way again now that my three children are cogs in the education machine. When I was child-free and busy working, the biggest change to my routine in the Summer would be a couple of weeks off somewhere and a slightly less busy Tube in the mornings. When they were little and not in school, life was as frenzied and overwhelming whatever the season.

Here in Austria the school holidays are really long; a whole nine weeks. That is time enough for a lot of growing to be done and for maleable personalities to have shifted. The kids return to the school system quite different people from the ones who left it in early July.

The endless rounds of shopping for clothes, shoes, gym gear, pencil cases, and an unimagianable multitude of stationery products drives me crazy, but a little part of me loves the vicarious thrill of the new: new schools, teachers, friends, knowledge, fears, problems. There is a lot of stress in there, but a lot of opportunity too.

So until we have finally managed to settle back into something like a routine, I will ride this slightly overwhelming wave of stress and opportunity with my offspring.

Taking photos is thoroughly on the back burner, but here are a couple of a plant in my garden whose flowers always come out for the New Year. Have a good one.

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  1. To keep calm and never visit another stationery shop for the rest of the year! The kids get drip, drip requests for additional bits and bobs on a daily basis. Other than that, to take more and better photos!

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