Home Sweet Home

I was home in the Highlands for a month. Back to places and landscapes and people that are all so familiar, I almost struggle to see them.

This might sound unkind and blasé, but it is true.

The thing about the expat life is that things are different. Places don’t look like the places you are used to, people speak a different language from the one you grew up with, food is different, people drive differently, dress differently, behave differently. I know that there comes a point where the unfamiliar becomes normal and unremarkable; but after only four years here, I haven’t reached that yet. This means that at some subconscious level I am alert and looking out for things. This is an enormous help when you are taking photographs, because your eye is already two steps ahead of you, looking, checking, not taking things for granted.

In contrast I found it incredibly hard to take pictures during our trip back to the Highlands. I physically took loads, masses, the camera was always up at my eye, but my eye was really struggling. Everything I took felt laboured, contrived, over-exposed (the light in the Highlands is rally hard to get to grips with) and just poor. So I sulked a bit but kept on snapping away.

I have pulled together a few shots, which I hope do the beauty of the Highlands some justice. It is where I am from, I am ferociously proud of it and for those of you who have never visited, you should. Bring your cameras and your fresh eyes and take some wonderful pictures please!


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