Bursts of Summer

The weather here in Vienna has been a little flighty of late. It really cannot decide if it wants to go back to the blazing sun and tropical temperatures we were enjoying/enduring (delete as appropriate), or settle into something entirely more subdued.  There is an ever-changing parade of patches of bright blue sky and sun, followed by ominous clouds and a downpour. The kids get out of the door and onto their bikes, only to be chased back in by rain five minutes later. I keep telling them to stay outside as it is good training for our imminent trip back to the Highlands. They are not convinced. This is strange because every time we are home they spend hours cycling and running around in the rain. Why they are so loathed to get wet here is beyond me, especially when, even in the rain, the temperatures here are usually at least 10 degrees centigrade warmer than in the Highlands.

I can only assume that because there is usually a pretty stark choice in Scotland between getting a bit wet or staying indoors all day, everyday, they are more willing to accept it. Or perhaps the memory of the toasty Summer we have been enjoying up until now is just too fresh.

Whatever the reason, it would be hypocritical of me to nag at them too much. I am only out in my garden in between the showers. Here are some shots stolen in snatches of Summer.



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