We spent a wonderful long weekend in the Bregenzerwald. This beautiful part of Austria is in the province of Vorarlberg, in the far west of the country on the Swiss border.

Over the course of three days we did a lot of walking. Coming from the Highlands of Scotland, I am always astounded at how well organized and accessible walking is in the Alps. The gradient might be steep and the terrain challenging, but there will always be a well marked route and a hut within striking distance, ready to reward your efforts with a cold beer and some amazing food. No huddling out of the wind behind a rock with squashed sandwiches here.

The region is famous for its dairy products and up on the Alm we sampled home made goat and cows cheese which was so good, we took a kilo home; cleverly secreting it into one of the children’s backpacks.

The landscape is very lush, this being mountains, there is certainly plenty of rain. This climate encourages the most amazing displays of wild flowers. Beautiful blooms that have to be coaxed and pampered into flowering in my garden in Vienna grow here in nonchalant abundance.

The buildings are mostly made of wood and this is allowed to weather into a wonderful pale grey that blends perfectly into its surroundings. There is a real eye for design. Not tacky, but simple and elegant; making the most of wood, stone and style.

I am smitten and will be back very soon. In the meantime, I have some pictures.


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