To Bee, or not to Bee…..

One hundred thousand apologies for the title. But I couldn’t resist. Coming from  a family where every opportunity to pun or make an exceptionally lame word based joke is pounced upon, I can’t escape my destiny. Beelieve me I have tried.

So, back to the post: bees, thousands of them. My garden is a buzzing, humming, bee heaven.

The lavender plants seem to have taken the growing potion from Alice in Wonderland and quadrupled in height. They make a bee filled canopy over the garden path, releasing a huge whoosh of scent and buzzing of bee when you walk past. Lovely bees; even this annoyance isn’t enough to spur them into stinging you. The delicate russian sage is so gorgeous this year, very dreamy and wafty, and the bees adore it. They are also obsessed with the alliums. Photographing the bees on lavender and sage is really hard as they only stay on each flower for the shortest of moments. The alliums hold their attention for longer, which makes life easier.

I have a new toy, a macro lens for my Pentax. It was ordered for me at the weekend by my lovely husband. This morning I arrived home from the swimming pool to find that a kindly and thoroughly professional DHL man had thrown the package over my garden fence where it lay, nestling on the concrete in the baking sun. I opened the package with some trepidation and immediately stated shooting (no, not the delivery man) with my heart in my mouth. Fortunately the lens survived its gentle handling and, as you can see from the pictures, I am going to have a lot of fun with my birthday present!

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