The Scent of a Garden

I don’t know why but June always floors me.

It is the perfect storm of the school year ending, class trips, birthday parties (why are so many of my children’s friends June babies?), the kids starting to get that “if I have to stay in school another five minutes I will spontaneously combust” feeling, topped off with general pre-holiday exhaustion. I am clinging on by my fingertips.

When the day’s chaos has subsided, I take advantage of the long evenings and get out into the peace of my garden. Watering plants, dead-heading the roses, or simply sitting still and breathing it all in is a great antidote. These healing properties are greatly enhanced if I have a large, fiercely chilled, glass of Austrian white wine in my hand.

I made a conscious effort to get as much scent as possible into my summer garden this year, and I am so pleased with the results. The sweet pea seeds sown as early as I dared (late March) took full advantage of the warm Spring and have rocketed up. Pure white freesias and their colorful counterparts have done well in tubs on the roof garden, as have a pink and classic white Jasmine.

The smell as at its most intense in the evening, just when I need it the most.

Let me raise a toast to Mother Nature; armed with grapes and flowers, she knows how to get a girl through June.


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