Taken Over

When we first moved into our home there was no garden. There were simply the two lovely rose bushes whose flowers have featured heavily in this blog, a couple of fruit trees and masses of ivy. That was it. The ghostly shadow of the pretty garden planted by the initial builders and owners of the house. The intervening inhabitants had let this slip away, my neighbors told me over the fence, as I slowly persuaded a garden back into life.

Four years on and there is a garden. It has taken a lot of time, a lot of effort and I have been the lucky recipient of wise words of gardening wisdom, mostly from my Mum. One of her early bits of advice was to plant for year round colour and also to take care with plants that have a tendency to “take over”. At the outset my garden was so barren, that having any kind of non-weed take over seemed tempting. I planted this little wandering geranium in a raised bed, and two years later I had to move it. Mum was right, it had commandeered the whole of the flower bed and blocked out everything else. It now sits happily under a tree where it can be as imperious as it likes; filling a sloping bit of ground with beautiful green and blue . This is a picture of the first of its flowers this year, and I will enjoy more of these all summer long.

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  1. Nice pic. We had a similar experience with mint in our herb garden. Early success, followed by domination. Now the mint resides in a pot…;-)

  2. I also had some renegade mint. I planted it in a window planter and it suffocated everything else in there. Strictly confined to quarters in a pot now. And yes, my Mum had warned me!

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