Wildflowers, in the Wild.

As you may have guessed by now, I have a bit of a thing about flowers, all flowers, any flower. They can make and shape my mood like almost nothing else. I am not a particularly relaxed person, but sitting and contemplating flowers is about the closest I can get to genuine calm. The one caveat to this is that the wrong flower, in the wrong place will not please me and will have me reaching for my weeding fork faster than you can say “keep calm and carry on”.

Here are some wonderful wildflowers, shot on a walk through our local vineyards this weekend. 

This lovely sweet pea type climbing plant has these beautiful, delicate little flowers that are a really vibrant purple. Here it is stunning but it is also incredibly invasive and I pulled masses of it out of my pretty, flowering hedges last year. It was determined to choke them.

Shot through a fence with a telescopic lens, this dandelion has a soft, dreamlike quality to it, and the individual seeds are pleasingly geometric: but woe betide the dandelion which has the temerity to take root in my garden. It will find itself on the compost heap before you can count to one on its clock.

I love the minute and delicate nature of these elderflower blossoms. Close up, they are so stunning. In the vineyard “how lovely” in my garden “hmmm”. Our neighbours have a tree that is determined to take over a patch of my garden and I am repelling the invasion in a determined and occasionally brutal fashion. It is not the tree that I want to have there, and the blossoms play havoc with my hay fever.

So when a gardener (or maybe just my type of gardener) tells you how much they love flowers in all their majestic and multiple variations, you are allowed a little dose of skepticism. Yes we do love flowers, but in the places where we want them to be and in the size and quantities we want them to have. Unruly and headstrong wild flowers are wonderful and welcome, in the wild.

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