Final Peony Post (Promise)

The blooms on the larger peony plant are just reaching their zenith. They are full, fluffy and their scent is strong. The plant is situated in full sun, so I know that there will only be a few more days of this before they begin to fade.

On one of the stems there is an unopened bud. I really wanted to photograph it nestling in the big and blousy full blooms, but these ants kept crawling all over the place. They adore the peonies. After several attempts at flicking the ants off the flower, setting up the shot again, then finding that the ants were already back, I gave up. Ants are industrious wee things and they were not going to let some lah-dee-dah photographer interrupt their work. So here they are, their industry captured for eternity, along with the perfect peony bud.

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