What is left behind…


Both of the pictures above are of flowers past their best. The clematis has lost its leaves, and the seed pods above belong to the peony whose picture was the first post on this blog. Time moves on and things change. The initial impact of a flower may be gone, but the inner core, the bit left behind, can also be stunning. The geometric patterns in the clematis kernel are almost as pretty as the initial flowers. There is also something really sensual and corpulent about these swelling peony seed pods.

I have explained in a previous post how hard I find it to let go of these beautiful blooms. The fact that their remnants are also so aesthetically pleasing makes it just a wee bit easier. They are equally worthy of documentation for posterity.

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  1. Thank you for spotting an unintentional expat connection with this post’s title! When I started this blog I really just envisioned posting some (hopefully) attractive photos with a bit of explanatory text. The writing has become a lot more revealing than I had imagined, and that is probably no bad thing.

    I looked at your blog today and really enjoyed the pictures and the very insightful prose. Thanks for sharing your technique. I will be trying some of these tips out and will let you know/see how it goes.

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