The sunshine is back and everything in the garden is beginning to explode with colour. I have this overwhelming need to photograph the flowers because they are so perfect, but also so temporary.  If I were a better adjusted person I might be able to just accept this stunning, but transitory gorgeousness. Bhuddist monks after all can spend weeks creating an intricate sand mosaic, and then just let it be blown away. I should really learn just to enjoy the moment better and more completely. However, that is a work in progress, so the flowers must be held onto in a digital format.

I am particularly attached to these lupins. My Mum gave me some seeds from her garden in Inverness, and I carefully sewed some in propagators…nothing happened.  In contrast, the seeds that I threw recklessly around the garden because I was bored with the whole process did much better: tough Highland plants don’t want to be coddled. Lupins are everywhere in the Highlands, but are not so common here in Austria. I bought a few plants which were all stripped bare by slugs and snails pretty much overnight. This one got off to a good start with our mild spring, and I am keeping a watchful eye on the slimy predators. Still, if the worst comes to the worst, at least I still have these photos.

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